For the past couple of years I’ve been spending a good deal of time cataloging my negative files. As Bob Murphey would say…” Quite an undertaking “….considering that the earliest ones were dated around 1969. The many months of labeling, dating and counting thousands of files has been tedious and tiring but at same time very rewarding. In a very real way, going back thru these photo sessions has provided a rare opportunity to kind of “relive” what has been a pretty interesting life. I’ve been coming across people and places that I had forgotten about or hadn’t thought about in many years. It’s been fun seeing results of collaborations with many of the great art directors that I’d worked with thru the years and some of the many great trips we took back in the day…..looking for just the right location and light.

The idea of setting up this additional page to the original web site was twofold. I wanted a place to post some of the recent photo sessions from the past few years…..but also have a place to post some of these images i’m digging up from the past…..many that have not been seen in many years……even by me. I’m going to continue to post several new/old images every week or two and keep this little trip down memory lane going……and see what this turns into.